Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bright Spring Look

There is nothing I love quite as much as bright makeup! I love adding colors to my eyelids that most people wouldn't. There isn't any rules for makeup, so why not have fun with it? In my search of a bright green color I discovered makeup on Etsy called Vandaleyez and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors!

Of course start with a eyeshadow primer. Next I took Vandaleyez Superhero wet and put it on the eyelid. You can add more or less, but I put quite a lot (I like bright colors!) Then I took Vandaleyez Violet Vixen in the crease and brought it up quite a bit. Next I took Vandaleyez Tombstone in the socket bone. For the rest of the eyes I used Maybelline Volum' Express One by One mascara, L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner on the top and bottom lash line, for blush I used Benefit Coralista. And that is basically it.

For any other questions or comments please feel free to comment below!


  1. Yay!

    I just came across this :) I am so sorry that I didn't see it before!

    Gorgeous and thank you so much!

    Do you mind if we post this to the facebook page? or you could if you'd like!

    Thanks again!


  2. You're very welcome! And thank you the colors are amazingly pigmented and the pictures don't do them justice! Superhero is my favorite green EVER! And yes I'd love for you to post it on your facebook page!