Saturday, March 5, 2011

NYX Haul/First Impressions

Now normally I do a xsparkage tutorial, but on the weekends I have decided to either do a review or a tutorial all my own. And since today I got my order from NYX I thought I would do a first impressions of the items I got. I have never used any NYX products, but I do think I like them, so I will order again soon!

First I am a big cupcake fan, I actually make specialty cupcakes, so when I saw their cupcake lipglosses I had to have some!

These are extremely cute, but really that's all these are.  The glosses are clear, so if you like that they're for you. But I didn't really think they added anything to a look. They are also quite difficult to open, and are a lot smaller than I thought they would be, which is okay because I don't think I'll get much use out of them.  The scents/flavors (yes they have somewhat of a taste)included are Strawberry, Banana, Apple, and Vanilla. I'm a big vanilla fan, but this was almost too much vanilla.

Next I got a Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy

Even though the lip spa looks quite dark it is just a sheer wash of color. The lip spa was extremely mouisturizing. And I did love the color. I can honestly say I will be purchasing more of the lip spas!

Next was a Candy Glitter Liner in Hot Candy

I would compare this with the Urban Decay glitter liners so far, and the price is much better! The liner is hot pink and the glitters are a lilac, green, and pink.

I had to purchase The Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk! I am a huge xsparkage fan, and Leesha always seems to be using it! It is creamy and very blendable! Of course a great base!

Last I purchased six eyeshadows. For the most part these seem very creamy and seem like they would be blendable.
The top color is Sunrise which has a matte/shimmer color.  The shimmer in it is quite large in the pot, butwhen transfered on the skin it isn't as much as you would assume, and it a very vibrant color!

Bright Green which is a frosty color, is very beautiful! I'm still looking for my perfect neon green color though (I still want brighter haha) It seems to be more of an olive toned bright green.
The next color is Azur Sky, a matte finish. This color is beautiful in the pot and swatched! It is an extremely vibrant true blue. It would be lovely on the lower lashline as well!

Next is Red Pink, a matte finish. I actually purchased this color because Marlena, aka Makeup Geek, used it in a tutorial. I also happen to be a sucker for pinks! This is a beautiful hot pink that almost has a satin finish to it. I can't wait to play with this color, like I said a sucker for pinks.

The top color is Iced Mocha, a metallic finish. I have to say I understand why this is a NYX eyeshadow favorite! It's an absolutely beautiful taupe brown! This would be an amazing everyday color! The color is very creamy and could be compared to Urban Decay shadows because it's so creamy!

Last is Burgundy Pearl. This was another YouTube beauty guru suggestion from EmilyNoel83, and I have to say I love it! It is described perfectly just by the name itself! It's a pearliscent burgundy haha. This would be another good everyday color.

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