Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vandaleyez Custom Mineral Eye Shadows

Another Etsy shop that I found was Vandaleyez. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for eyeshadows! I can never have enough, so when I heard of etsy I had to search eyeshadows, and I came across Vandaleyez mineral shadows. I have recently come to appreciate loose shadows again, and what better way to try out Vandaleyez's shadows than to purchase six samples just to get a feel of the shadows and shop itself, so I chose Rockstar, Tombstone, Violet Vixen, Moonstruck, Red Velvet, and Superhero (which was the color that the owner suggested to me for a bright green.)

I have to say I LOVE these colors. I was very excited about the Superhero color, because I've been looking for a bright/neon green, and I believe that I found it! The color wasn't too bright when applied alone, but I applied it wet, and it was the perfect neon green! It's a yellow based green that looks as if it would glow in a black light haha!

The other colors I loved too! Rockstar is a beautiful indigo color with tons of sparkle which I loved! Red Velvet is like a red based brown, almost a coppery color. Violet Vixen is a bright true purple color. Tombstone is a beautiful blue based gray that would look great for smokey eyes. Moonstruck is almost like a tarnished silver, another beautiful color!

After playing with these colors for awhile, I do think that they would all be wearble for everyday depending on how much you intensify them! One of the best part of these samples are they're not in messy little bags, they have their own container and are so much better than the bag! I also think you get a little bit more per sample! The box that they are packaged in are also cute! Again this was another pleasant experience with esty!

This was a look I created using Superhero, Violet Vixen, and Rockstar. Even with using Superhero and Violet Vixen wet, Rockstar was still easily blended, and the colors on top of a primer lasted over ten hours! Which is incredible for any eyeshadow!

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